More than just success - An interpretation by Dragi Djeric
Painting "More than just success" by Dragi Djeric

More Than Just Success, an Interpretation

Dragi Djeric, artist from Berlin, shares her thoughts to the claim "Seek more than just success" with us. This is an excerpt from her sketchbook.

Success means red lines. Strong, concise lines. They start somewhere and may stop. They are powerful, brilliant. Seductive. But also heroic and loud. One has to look. One wants to look. One wants to be part of the line, to feel the line. As if in a trance. What happens when the trance disappears, the line blurs, the red fades? Is success of duration? The lines have a goal, a direction. They are measurable. Sublime. Intimidating. What comes next? What is behind it, what is the “more”?

The “more” is abundance. How does abundance look like? It shines, is yellow, is cozy. Takes over the format. It goes beyond that. It is more than the center, it comes from all sides. More of everything. It is infinite and circles around me. It circles around me and takes the success with it, the lines become the circle. The strong red lines blur into nothing. Swallowed by the abundance.

When abundance is the “more”. Then why does it look so cramped? Why does it take my breath away? Isn’t abundance also a piece of wasteful arrogance? Do I want that? Is that “more”? Isn’t abundance just there when I simply am. Abundance is not the inner. The inner is much simpler in its complexity. Am I satisfied in abundance? The circle gets smaller and smaller. More and more clearly. The words and lines become blurred. Nothing is where it was before. The colors become more and more contrasty. Because I am more contrasty? Am I the “more” in the sentence “more than success”?

What is more than success? Unconditional inexhaustibility. The infinite circles become smaller, circle around me, I become a circle. My center. My luminosity. Everything else is still there. But becomes meaningless. More than success is simply to be. Without a must. Without compromises. Simple. More than success is simplicity. Simplicity of being. Being. More than success is. It is. I am.

Dragi, 08.08.2020

About Dragi:

Dragi is an artist and the co-founder of Kreadiano Objects. Together with her partner Stefan, they create collectible art pieces. You can follow her inspiring work and thoughts about life, creativity and the things that truly matter on her Instagram.