Don’t Listen to Us!

Photo by Jakob Owens

Do this, do that, leave this out, add that. These days, it seems you need a set of rules for the correct life. If we haven’t built at least one business by the time we’re 20 and just about to change the world, then we’re absolute failures. Is that true?

After our wild time during university, with night-long visits to techno clubs, we were also fully into the self-optimization frenzy. We felt bad if we didn’t manage our routines for a day. From lazy tourist student to super achiever. Today we see this differently. Because life, above all, wants to be lived.

Extremes are never good, not in one direction, and not in the other direction either. The excessive preoccupation with healthy food is also an eating disorder and is called orthorexia nervosa. If you forget to take a step to the right or left in the midst of all the self-optimization, you will not find inner peace and contentment. Having the right balance is the key to a fulfilled life.

Sure, it’s good to cook your own food, cut down on sugar and alcohol, don’t smoke, exercise regularly, drink enough and all the other things we wrote about in our Mental Wellness article. We are also one of the brands that give impulses for mental wellness and a happier life. But we don’t want to do this with a raised finger, but always encourage you to listen to yourself and find out what you really want and how you define balance for yourself. We certainly won’t judge you if you smoke, drink or otherwise celebrate life.

If you are at peace with yourself, then do whatever you enjoy, if you are not, then question what you want to change and develop the courage to follow that path. You can only find the answers to these questions within yourself, not by emulating supposed, idealized role models.

We must never forget that the world of media is always a curated version of the real world. As the beautiful phrase goes, “Never meet your gurus.” Because you will realize that they do not live up to your inflated expectations and are only human, just like you.

In this sense: Just do, what fucking feels right for you!