Why you have to love what you do to be successful – The spirit of Evano with Hanne Willmann

Portrait by Diego Sebastian Jauregui Uribe (@howreggee) for sisterMAG

In our interview series “The spirit of Evano” we learn a bit more about the inspiring people behind their profession and try to capture the essence of a fulfilling life. Today with Hanne Willmann.

Please introduce yourself briefly for our community – Who are you?

I am Hanne, designer and friend, daughter, mother and wife. For the design part: I own a design studio in Berlin Weissensee and have a great team of 5 designers, who work with me from monday to thursday on visions for furniture brands. We design mostly furniture, but also accessories and lamps. 

What are your top three most important values in life?

Authenticity, Generosity, Openness

Out of what do you draw your inspiration and what makes you happy from the deepest inside?

My inspirations mostly come from conversations with people I meet. This can be a client, a friend or even a random person. I see my design as emphatic, trying to find the need for the product in peoples emotions.

My inner happiness? I decided to be a happy person and do what I love most: let creativity run wild and spend time with the people I love.

Hanne in front of her design studio

Wine or Cocktail? Riesling!

Beach or mountains? Both!

Reading or listening? Reading

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise

Home or restaurant? Home

Striking or subtle? Subtle with a flashy detail

Enjoy or explore? exploring

Connoisseur oder ascetic? Connoisseur 100%

Has your definition of success changed over the last few years? What was your definition at the beginnings of your twenties and what is it now?

It definitely changed. Like it probably did for everyone between their 20ies and 30ies. In the 20ies my goal was to be successful and work for great brands. The more this comes true since the end of my 20ies, my personal success is to employ talented people, choose clients by the how much I like working with them and being able to take time off whenever I like!

I feel successful enough – sure I could aim for much more, but I like choosing my free time with my husband, my baby boy and my friends instead. 

How important do you think the influence of self-confidence and happiness is in relation to your own success?

You have to love what you do so people can love your work too. People feel, if you are unhappy with the result.

How do you make decisions?

I feel them. I just decide. I never really had problems with decision making.

Thank you dear Hanne for your time and inspiring answers!