Redefining wealth by Patrice Washington

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One of our favorite topics, does money really make you happy? How do we actually define wealth these days. At Evano it is much more than any possessions and more the daily feeling from contentment.

Recently we came across this great article about Patrice Washington, which we would like to share with you, as it mirrors 1:1 the view we also have at Evano.

Saying ‘No’ to things that do not feel right

“In Patrice Washington’s early 20s, her husband, who was still her boyfriend at the time, recommended she try therapy to address the impact her limiting beliefs were having on their relationship. It was this first step toward relinquishing the stranglehold of past hurts that unlocked the possibility of her future.”

Afterwards she has built a business in real estate right out of college and by her mid-20s was already making 7 figures. However, the financial crisis hit her full force in 2008, causing her to suddenly rely on food stamps.

It was at this time that an old friend made Patrice a job offer, which she turned down. On one hand, this would have solved financial situation, but on the other hand, it just felt wrong. She decided to follow her inner voice and started working for a non-profit organization.

Key take aways from the article:

  • The real wealth is inner contentment.
  • When we seek wealth, we are actually seeking peace.
  • Money has no value if our daily lives does not make us happy.
  • Mindset and resolving trauma is the basis for making good financial decisions.
  • Saying no to situations that don’t feel right takes courage but leads to true wealth.
  • Wealth follows purpose: Chase purpose not money.
  • Wealth is the multiplication of joy

Patrice Washington has written five books, appeared on national (USA) TV shows, been featured in national media outlets like CNBC and Essence, and hosted her own radio segment on a nationally syndicated show.”

We recommend to read the whole article here, or checkout her website, or recent book*.

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