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Image by Anna Sullivan

Creating Inner Peace Through Your Fears

There is the saying, if it scares you, it is worth a try. We live in a so protected world, that most of us constantly try to avoid pain and failure. But personal wellbeing and a life that feels like vacation is only possible if we confront ourselves, at some point, with the things we are afraid of. ⁠

At Evano, we believe our fears are also a part of our life and shouldn’t be avoided. It sometimes makes sense to look behind the curtain of a phobia or anxiety*. ⁠

We are all connected with nature. If one starts to listen und pay attention, nature talks to one continuously. So if you are afraid of something, do not push it away. The fear only wants to protect you from being hurt again. Invite your fear to be heard, give it fancy names and explore which deep layers of your subconscious mind want to be protected and seen. You might find out that your adult and grown-up version of yourself can now handle difficult situations better. Be curious to explore your fears, they often guide you to inner peace and resolve self sabotage

If you are interested in this topic, we can recommend the following books:⁠

And a daily meditation routine, because this is like a self cleaning process for the brain, because it uncovers layer by layer of your subconscious mind, if done regularly.⁠

*We experienced a lot of bullshit during our childhood, youth and early adulthood. The loss of a parent, school bullying, a generalized-anxiety-disorder with resulting social anxiety, being broke, burnout – just to name a few. But this was years ago and now we love our life more than anything else, most of the time 😉 It was only possible because we faced our fears and some point and explored what was behind them. We want to encourage everyone who is still on his/her way to move on. Your past does not define your now and future. You can rewrite your story at any time in your life.⁠ This takes time and there will be setbacks, be it is possible.

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