Evano Loves – Meditative art, how you perceive stress is important and a movie and book tip

Evano Loves No. 1 | Evano Magazine
Image by Autumn Studio

We believe everything is an inspiration. May it be an interesting talk, a beautiful Instagram account, an insightful book or a great movie. In our new series “Evano loves” we want to share inspiring things we found. If you have any recommendations, feel free to drop us a line at hello@evano.community with your source of inspiration and why you think it is worth a share!

Visual timeout with Zen Art by Yuki Kawae

Art and Design can give the eye a timeout. Especially when it is as calm as the inspiring art by Yuki Kawae. Please take some time to watch his short videos to get fully immersed. If you like his works as much as we do, make sure to follow him and show him some love! Instagram | Website | Youtube

Beautiful art by Yuki Kawae
Beautiful art by Yuki Kawae

Why your perception of stress can change how your body responds to it

Everyone knows that too much stress is not good for the body and mind – but recent research shows that stress is only bad if you believe it is. In this interesting TED Talk Kelly McGonigal reminds us to change our perception of stress to change the effects it has on our wellbeing.

Movie Recommendation: La grande bellezza (The great beauty)

La grande Bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino – this is by far the most aesthetic movie I’ve ever seen, and one of my favorits. A movie which captures all facets of life – the loud, the tranquil, the grotesque, the funny, the evil, the beautiful and the sad ones – sometimes raw and honest, sometimes full of irony. This movie is for everyone who wants to see a masterpiece on a visual and auditory level.

La grande Bellezza – Visual composition, light and the beautiful color grading make the movie a pleasure for the eye
La grande Bellezza, Paolo Sorrentino, 2013
 Jep Gambardella, protagonist of the movie, on his terrace

Book recommendation: Letting go by David R. Hawkins

This is a very personal book recommendation, because this book literally changed my life. The power of letting go is one of the best ways to create a life that feels like vacation. The book is like an all-encompassing work for inner growth. It sounds easy to “just let it go” but only if you start to feel and analyze your surpressed emotions and start to allow yourself to grow. In some places the book was a little strenuous to read due to many repetitions, but still a clear recommendation.

If you have any recommendations, feel free to drop us a line at hello@evano.community with your source of inspiration and why you think it is worth a share!