Knowing and Going the Path

Evano | Community, Magazine & App for Mental Wellness
Image by Annie Spratt

There is a difference between knowing the path and going the path.

When we were asked what we try to do with Evano we once answered, that we want to capture and cultivate this feeling that you cannot put in words, but when you meet or talk to people, who have discovered it, you instantly know. Even if these people say nothing, you still know. ⁠

Words and knowledge alone can only work as a guide to show one the path, but at a certain point someone has to follow it by themselves. Because the feeling and sensations we try to capture cannot be put in words. It is not possible to explain someone accurately how a banana tastes, until someone actually tries it.⁠

Even if someone knows, that happiness is a choice, you have to decide for it again and again. Reducing the time to manage your thoughts in a positive way, so that the body feels the sensation as well is what makes the difference. ⁠
To be able to do this has little to do with the right mindset alone, it has to be cultivated and practiced every day. ⁠
Letting go old things or not worrying about the future, has to be learned by spending as much time as possible in the present moment with a high consciousness and mindfulness. Even being mindful for a longer period of time has to be trained for example through daily meditation. There is no shortcut.⁠

Otherwise one simply knows a lot of wise stuff, but without being able to live by it, even in the darkest moments of ones life, there is little value in it. Little droplets of training every day on ones inner work will build up to a strong stream.⁠

We believe that life is great, if one has experienced that suffering is optional. What do you think?⁠