Meet Evano: Aigerim Toktamys

Co-Creating a haven of inspiration begins with us as a community. Get to know some of our members with four questions. Here are their answers.

This time we get to know Aigerim Toktamys. Thank you so much dear Aigerim for your time and your inspiring answers! Enjoy!

1. Which situation or book changed your perspective on life?

There are three books: The Power of Now, The Power is Within You and Emotional Agility. I guess the book names speak for themselves why they changed the perspective on my life. And for me they are not just books, more like a self discovery guide for life. I do believe books come to your life, you do not choose them – they choose you. And all three books came to my life by beautiful life-situations as a gift from strangers and sudden circumstances.

2. Which 3 words are most powerful for you and why?

The moment – Is the only thing that we have.
Memories – Are the only thing that we can keep with us.
Love (light) – Is so powerful that can heal anything in life.

3. What is your mental timeout?

My mental timeout routines are – when I delete my instagram for 3-4 days in a week (sometimes for a week) and just learn to be in the present moment and live life, spend all day in a library, exhibitions, art galleries. And my most beautiful mental timeout is when I wake up in the morning, grab my beach bag and spend all day on the beach by my own, laying under the sun, listening to waves and embracing the moment.

4. What does seek more than just success mean to you?

It is all about happiness of your own being, accepting your true self, learning to listen to your body and understanding yourself. Understanding the power of your own. Creating life, which brings joy and adventures into your everyday life. Being satisfied of your own life, to feel enough the way you are. And most importantly living life without comparing your achievements, believing in your own journey. Showing comparison and forgiveness in your most down days, and to say it is okay to feel this way, knowing that good days are on the way – this is more than success for me.

Everything is love, Aigerim.

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