Meet Evano: Jacqueline Foster

Co-Creating a haven of inspiration begins with us as a community. Get to know some of our members with four questions. Here are their answers.

This time we get to know Jacqueline Foster, a life coach from Toronto supporting ambitious female creatives cultivating a life of bold confidence and fulfillment. Thank you so much dear Jacqueline for your time and your inspiring answers! Enjoy!

1. Which situation or book changed your perspective on life?

The Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer showed me the concept of ‘we are not our thoughts’. It explores being an observer to your thoughts and that we can choose how we react to them. It gave me a sense of peace in knowing that in challenging moments of overthinking, I have the ability to decipher what is true, what story is being created in my mind, and how to move forward.

2. Which 3 words are most powerful for you and why?

Create ⏤ The idea that we have the power to create a purposeful life that feels fulfilling, we can create meaning out of experiences, we can create relationships with ourselves and others, we can create it all to fulfill a deeper sense of meaning in our lives, if we are bold enough to take the actions to get us there. 

Intention⏤ A big part of creating a life you love is being intentional with everything you do and say, even in challenging moments. Having a purposeful intention big or small each day can be the key to aligning with heart centered success. 

Choice ⏤ We always have a choice! We can choose to embrace and lean into change, we can choose to stay where we are, we can choose fear, we can choose love. We always have a choice. 

3. What is your mental timeout?

Moving my body. Any kind of workout, walking, movement has always given me the space to step out of my mind, into my body, and come back with more clarity. 

4. What does seek more than just success mean to you?

Seek that which brings you joy, lights you up, feels purposeful and profound in all the ways you define those for YOU. When you are seeking, evolving, and following what is true for yourself, in that you will always find success.

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