Evano Community | Ileana Moro

Meet Evano: Ileana Moro

Co-Creating a haven of inspiration begins with us as a community. Get to know some of our members with four questions. Here are their answers.

This time we get to know Ileana Moro, artist from Costa Rica. Thank you so much dear Ileana for your time and your inspiring answers! Enjoy!

1. Which situation or book changed your perspective on life?

Many situations along my journey have helped in not only forming me, but changing me. This change for me translates into a constantly evolving perspective on life. Honestly, I am still going through these processes. 

However, if I must say one situation that impacts me the most, it would have to be the unseen situation. The situations that transpire within myself. Those situations that push me to explore past my normal patterns often allow me to observe my work more clearly.

2. Which 3 words are most powerful for you and why?

Self-awareness – This is because each of us has the capacity to be such an inner witness of our own development. It is a real gift to utilize and build upon! We can see the operations of our mind directly — and yet remain detached from them. By accomplishing this, it will help us through life and our relationships with people we interact with. This new perspective is gradually internalized over the course of time until it becomes a potent source for spiritual strength.

Contemplation – The mind must carry out its conclusion within the heart and the soul. The seat where your emotions can breathe and reflect. The stimulation through the senses. To contemplate we must be able to feel in stillness, in which tears of beauty come out, and it is where you connect with your spirit.  Contemplation is a true player, a state of union with the divine.

Love – Love is love itself. 

3. What is your mental timeout?

Something can move my soul, a real story from a stranger, a film, music. Especially when nature is allowed to be in its fullest expression. Something that I have seen and passes through the channels of the seat of emotions. 

Being present in the now is my mental timeout.

4. What does seek more than just success mean to you?

We are successful within the now, we should not look for it outside from any other sources and enjoy the process. 

We must dig within ourselves, uncovering the gem, the gift.

I believe that being able to communicate with others in my way is an intimate, authentic form of success, sharing my story. It is carried through both my art and words. 

We each have a gift or a special talent to give to others. When we combine this talent with the service of others, we experience ecstasy and the exaltation of our own spirit. That is what I seek… to communicate through my personal experience and the final product of my processes! In the end it is for the community.

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