Evano Community | Tanita Schneider

Meet Evano: Tanita Schneider

Co-Creating a haven of inspiration begins with us as a community. Get to know some of our members with four questions. Here are their answers.

We start our series with Tanita Schneider, Designer from Munich. Thank you so much for your time and your inspiring answers! Enjoy!

1. Which situation or book changed your perspective on life?

While surfing in Sri Lanka I saw a turtle floating in the waves. The turtle radiated pure lightness, because it did not try to fight the waves, but swam in harmony with nature. For me, the waves are symbolic for life – there are always ups and downs, but when we surrender, we are floating and moving on.

2. Which 3 words are most powerful for you and why?

Life – Because the meaning of life is living.
Creativity – We are the designers of our lives. Every day we create our reality anew and can make ideas, thoughts and feelings tangible.
Loving – Loving is giving and taking. Loving can be pure happiness and the greatest pain. Loving is the deepest form of truth. If we go through the world with love, all will be fine.

3. What is your mental timeout?

First: Making coffee in the morning while the sun rises, smelling and grinding the beans, watching the coffee drip and enjoying life at its fullest.
Second: Sinking completely into a creative flow while I design. Time and space then seem to no longer exist and I am completely with myself and my project.

4. What does seek more than just success mean to you?

The greatest success for me was to realise that I am allowed to be proud of myself and that I don’t always have to please others with what I’m doing. Success is also everything that is greater than the socially recognised status symbols. To love, to live and to create every day anew.

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