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Image by Jess Vide

We believe that you can’t force anything and that it is much wiser to use a natural power to attract the right things in your life by changing to a higher energy. Therefore we trust in serendipity.⁠

Good ideas mostly come in moments of tranquility when one does not expect them. Random events that you can not plan at all. People or possibilities that suddenly enter ones life just to turn every plan upside down.⁠

Do we mean to say that you can achieve what you want by doing nothing? No, by no means. But through your diligence and your perseverance, you can only cultivate the land where the seeds of a new idea or possibility find the ideal conditions for growth. The real work always begins in the mind! At a certain point you have to let go and trust the process.⁠⠀

You clear the soil of unwanted weeds, water the small seedlings, sow new seeds and make room for whatever comes.⁠

Finding joy in these daily tasks is what we believe a happy and balanced life is all about, but just like gardening, a plant won’t grow faster if you pull the top of the green! ⁠