Slow Down

Slow down | Cecilia's Insights | Evano Magazine
Photo by Martina Bombardieri

A personal story by the community member Cecilia Lucio.

How consciously do you go through your everyday life? Often we tend to want to hurry up all the time, to walk faster, to do things faster – without even noticing it anymore.

But why do we want to be faster? What do we have from being constantly in a hurry?

For the next few days, try to be mindful of everything you do. Pay more attention to each moment and perhaps take each step you go a little slower than usual.

Start first thing in the morning by really consciously brushing your teeth or mindfully making your coffee.
When you walk outside and watch your steps speeding up, allow yourself to go extra slow and take a moment to notice the environment.

Give each of your activities a little more time and calmness than usual and you will notice:

As soon as you allow yourself to slow down, the green stripes will become beautiful trees.