How to cultivate a mindset of abundance?

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At Evano, we believe that we are living in abundance. This was not always the case and everyone defines this differently for oneself. But for us, it was most of the time missing money. We took the leap into self-employment right at the beginning of our twenties and even if we had decent success, material wise, there was always like an invisible border that hindered us to feel completely free and trust that everything we need will be there when we need and ask for it.

Today we know it was most of the time the way we were socialized and abundance is nothing for some few lucky people, but something you have to decide for as well. So we wrote down three main pillars that helped us to make the shift from our scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset:⁠

1. Uncover hidden dogmas to stop self-sabotage

Affirmations do not work, if there are still cross border believes deep inside yourself. You cannot tell yourself the whole day that you will be wealthy, healthy or loved and expect magic, without feeling or believing it. So the first step is to uncover hidden dogmas and resolve them. Rewrite your self narrated story and imagine an outcome you like. Everything has happened for you not to you! Working with the inner child is very powerful here as well.⁠⠀

2. Feel your thoughts

The second hack was introduced to us by Dr Joe Dispenza. Your body has to feel your thoughts and the easiest way to achieve it is by gratitude. Feel how grateful you are that you already have achieved what you wish for. Be grateful to be loved or what ever you imagine for you life. This kind of paradoxical trick, that outsmarts your body and brain, is to imagine that you are grateful for something that is still in the future. This is VERY important. ⁠⠀

3. A supportive environment

Third, everything is already around you. If you have clarity about your path, you can easily identify situations and people who are willing to support you. The world is full of support and lovely people, if you decide to let them in your life and if you vibrate on the same high frequency. A concept that helped us is the ”Hertz Scale Of Emotions” by Hawkins. The former monk Mathieu Ricard once said: “One moment of anger can ruin years of practice.” This is very true, so try to create an environment that helps you to be automatically in a higher frequent state. Use your willpower to create the most supportive environment you can imagine.

Last but not least. We believe one knows most of the time exactly what to do, but faith is missing or it is buried under “rational” reasons. In the end it comes down to courage, honesty about yourself and trust to take the leap. Some things might be scary, but so much worth it if you try. So if we can provide something for you today, imagine us with pom poms in our hands right next to you and cheering at you to feel the strength to trust your gut and do what you want to do.

Our book recommendations to cultivate an abundance mindset:

What about you? Do you have any book recommendations or other suggestions that helped you with this topic? We love to read from you in the comments below!

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