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How to find your inner peace? Books for more contentment

We discovered a strange thing about lasting inner peace and happiness once we found it: why was it so hard and why took it so many years? Because the concept and the knowledge behind it is only one side of the coin, the daily application the other one.

The world is full of self help books, card decks, journals and online courses that promise to find the sacred land. But when you break it down, in the essence everyone is telling you the same. Why are so many people still not able to enjoy life with easiness, when the world is full with the knowledge about it?

We discovered, that there is not the ultimate fit’s all solution, it is more like breadcrumbs someone has to find and work on by themselves. And to do this groundwork, someone has to decide for it again and again and again.

Sometimes you find a life changing inspiration in a book, sometimes from a therapist, sometimes from a friend, an app or a Social Media Post, sometimes during meditation.
And you cannot say, that it always has to be a linear way. We share our breadcrumbs to contentment that have helped us to find our inner peace.

Each topic is so extensive by itself, that we suggest, if something relates to you, to google it up or follow our book recommendations.

Even if it is a list, it does not have to be in that order, but there might be the nugget inside it, which helps to melt down one of your barriers.

1) Self worth and not being enough

It is powerful to work with the inner child on past traumas as we mentioned in our article: “How to overcome Self sabotage“. This does not always have to be a drastic experience, such as the loss of a loved one. Even experiences that may not seem so bad to outsiders can trigger trauma. It can as well be something like an experienced rejection, or lacking support during childhood or youth.

Great Books and Terms on this topic:

2) Letting go and the decision for change

There is the saying: Where attention goes, energy flows. It’s true. If you regularly bathe in melancholy, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to find lightness or inner peace. It all starts with a decision to change where you focus your attention on. This can be trained through a regular meditation practice.

Great Books about this topic:

3) Taking responsibility for the life

It is a paradigm shift from a victim mindset to a creator mindset. From scarcity to abundance. From thoughts to emotions. It is about forgiving yourself and people who have influenced you. The new mindset is: Everything is happing for you, not to you.

Great Books on this topic:

4) Trust and mindfulness to support inner peace

Being courageous to follow the gut. Strengthening the bond between you and nature. The own Ego can hinder growth and trust.

We cannot make it clear enough how important this aspect is. If you remember the time before you puberty, how often did you worry or feel depressed? Most of us perceive this time as more carefree and relaxed. This has to do with brain waves. In our childhood, the regions that allow us to brood over the past and worry about the future are not yet strongly developed.

Through meditation and mindfulness training, we simply learn to return to this state, but this time consciously. That’s why we like to say that inner peace is not something you have to find, but something you can only find again.

Great Books and topics:

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Do you have a suggestion that has helped you? Please contact us anytime, so we can update this list.